Public and Private International Law

Barrister Joe Nwogu Chamber has a sister brand, Barrister Joe Nwogu Chamber, which focuses on our expertise in international law cases and international aspects of all our other practice areas. For more information on our overseas work, please visit our dedicated site for Barrister Joe Nwogu Chamber.

We have a large group of members practicing in several areas of international law. Members at Barrister Joe Nwogu Chamber have excellent reputations, acting in cases before the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and the criminal courts and tribunals established for the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Cambodia and East Timor. To find out more about our arbitration experience, please see our dedicated page.

We have expertise in advising on issues in commercial contractual disputes involving jurisdiction or choice of law. We have acted for individuals, governments and corporations in claims involving human rights, employment, insurance and consumer disputes.

Specialist areas

Our specialist areas include rules governing international trade, land and maritime boundary disputes, natural resources, environmental protection, climate change and international human rights. We have worked for international organizations and our members have represented states in the ICJ and ICC. We were involved in the Australia v Japan, ICJ Reports 2014, p. 226 litigation in the ICJ, concerning Japan’s whaling activities in the Pacific Ocean. We also acted in Georgia v Russia, ICJ Reports 2011, p.70 before the ICJ and in the recent maritime and territorial boundary dispute Croatia v Slovenia. Three Barrister Joe Nwogu Chamber members have been involved in the cases involving Al-Gaddafi and Al-Senussi. We have specialists in international commercial arbitration and who led the team advising on three investment treaty claims against the Government of Belize, arising out of the nationalization of the telecoms provider, Belize Telemedia Ltd.

We also acted for Croatia before the ICJ in Croatia v Serbia ICJ, 3 February 2015, a case concerning the Genocide Convention.